Azbuild Safety

Azbuild has an excellent safety record, re-enforced by a culture of hazard awareness and prevention.

We have a comprehensive occupational health and safety policy which, in line with many of our clients, includes zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol.

The excavators and loader are fitted with height restrictors, and the larger machines also have reversing cameras.

Most machines are fitted with Smart reversing alarms which adjust their volume according to the noise on-site, ensuring safety while minimising the potential for noise complaints.

All machinery is part of an extensive maintenance regime, and operators are trained to recognise and rectify any small problems, before they can become big ones.

Our operators have the training and experience to work effectively in the innately hazardous environment of the rail corridor, including the skills to work beneath live wires, and near live tracks.

Operators are supplied with a full range of personal protection equipment (PPE), and we work with individual customers to meet any site-specific needs.