Azbuild Plant

Hi-Rail Excavators:
The latest and largest of our hi-rails is the new 20t rubber-tyred excavator, generally used with sleeper-laying octopus or rail threader attachments. It is also available as part of a full bog-hole rectification team, including multiple undercutting bars and track jack. Our late-model 5.5- and 8-tonne Yanmar hi-rails ensure fast and safe access to the tightest of sites. They are available with a variety of attachments including spot tampers and sleeper grabs. Being fully insulated means the job can go ahead without interference with signalling, and the option of height restrictors further enhances safety.
(click here for full list of attachments).

Track Excavators:
We offer excavators from 5 to 30 tonnes. Our five-tonne Yanmar excavators with rubber pads on steel tracks are available with the same wide range of attachments as the hi-rail machines. Our 14t Komatsu tracked machine can be supplied with concrete turnout-building attachments.

The 4-tonne balloon-tyred articulated dump trucks can be supplied with 1000L water tanks, pumps and hoses, or with a rail welding tray. The larger 14- and 18-tonne articulated dumpers can be supplied with 3000L water tanks, and are fitted with reversing cameras to assure safety on site.

Skid Steers:
Our skid-steers are equipped with everything from the standard bucket and forks to sweeper, rail broom, slasher, and sleeper laying plate and spacers.

Our loaders are set up for rail, with forks, jib, height restrictor, bucket, four-in-one bucket and rail clamp.

Apart from the horsepower to deliver our other machinery to your project, we also offer a single axle crane truck and bogie-drive tipper for hire. Bigger gear can be moved using our tri-axle step-deck float.